GW2 Thunderhead Peaks Treasure Achievement Guide


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GW2 Thunderhead Peaks Treasure achievement guide with locations of all 24 Dwarven chests you need for the achievement.


Due to the size of the map it has been divided into two halves. Alternative you can view the full map here (suggest you save the image and open it up since zooming is weird on the site)

Dwarven Chest #1
Behind the Awakened camp, a bit high up from the ground floor

Dwarven Chest #2
Getting to this chest requires the useage of the new mastery Bond of Faith. The chest is near top of the ceiling and to get to one of the ramps up top you will need to boost yourself to max height with the springer and then use the new mastery to glide to it.

Dwarven Chest #3
Chest #3 is on the same height as #2 so you can just glide to it from #2.

Dwarven Chest #4
You need to have complete both meta events and have unlocked the final treasure room with the plates to gain access to this room (or use port to a friend). If you are unsure of how the whole plate thing works, check out here. The Dwarven chest is simply inside the treasure room.

Dwarven Chest #5
This one is slightly above the mastery insight. There is a rock above the mastery insight you can jump on and then griffon over.

Dwarven Chest #6
Pretty easy to get to, just above the water

Dwarven Chest #7
From the nearby vista, use the new Bond of Faith mastery from the top of your springer jump to get to this alcove.

Dwarven Chest #8

Simply griffon to it from chest #7

Dwarven Chest #9
Another easy one simply above the water

Dwarven Chest #10
This one can be slightly tricky as the chest is high above the dwarven rooms area. You definitely will need the new Bond of Faith mastery to get up there. Proceed up the ramps on springer to get to the very top. For the last leap to the chest you need to make sure you don’t deploy the glider as you Bond of Faith across. Just use the griffon to get as close as you can and then Bond of Faith the height.

Dwarven Chest #11 & # 19
These two chests are deep inside the Dwarven tunnels leading to the Mastery Insight for Brechnar’s Gauntlet. They are pretty much next to each other with #19 just 1 room further.

Dwarven Chest #12
Fairly easy, get to it from the Moorage Waypoint

Dwarven Chest #13
Chest is inside the airship

Dwarven Chest #14

Inside airship docked inside beside Symphony’s Haven

Dwarven Chest #15
On the side of a cliff but easy to get to from History’s End waypoint

Dwarven Chest #16
Easy one by the water

Dwarven Chest #17
Branded area beneath Symphony’s Haven

Dwarven Chest #18
Short flight from Moorage Waypoint

Dwarven Chest #19
See #11 above
Dwarven Chest #20
Need access to the area when the Thunderhead Keep meta opens up at xx:45 every other hour. Under the bridge in the back of the area.

Dwarven Chest #21
Approach it from Deldrimor Ruins

Dwarven Chest #22
This one is underwater

Dwarven Chest #23
Near Observation deck waypoint in one of the dead end tunnels but you will need the Bond of Faith mastery to enter the narrow gap as your mount is too fat.

Dwarven Chest #24
Same thing here, use the new mastery to go through the narrow gap.